«I hope that my works generate, in those who look at them, the desire to smile and feel happy for all the good things that life offers us: light, colors, the sun and, above all, love. »


Cross Magri is an artist whose works have been exhibited in France, Austria, as well as in his native Spain. Through pop art and street style, his vibrantly colored works are intended to convey joy and a sense of well-being. Magri invites the viewer to re-experience their best memories, as if it were the first time. Its eclectic style also combines elements from different eras, such as the Baroque, the Renaissance, and the 20th century.

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"Mcduck dollar"

Acrílico sobre lienzo 

100 x 100 cm


Acrylic on canvas 

215 x 143 cm


Acrílico sobre lienzo 

150 x 100 cm


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